About us

Xiamen Chuangyu lmport & Export Co.,Ltd. Was established in 2020 yearspecializing in material and infant daily necessities. We are committed toembedding the concept of international quality management system intothe actual operation ofthe enterprise,in Jinjiang, China. We have more than1200 square meters of standardized 300000-level sterile workshops and8000 square meters of standard warehouses, we focus on the research anddevelopment, production, sales and service of baby wipes and diapers. Wetry our best to make our products safe, hygienic, healthy, environmentallyfriendly, and degradable.Hope our products can be used in the home and theworld everywhere! Xiamen Chuangyu lmport and Export Co. ltd. will worktogether with you to manage to day, create tomorrow and look forward tothe future, we are full ofconfidence in becoming a first-class enterprise in theindustry soon.